First draft finished! I’m so excited and so pleased that it’s finally done. Okay, sure it’s only the first draft – I say first draft but really it’s the fourth version of the first draft – but I’ve got it down from start to finish. What a relief! After yesterday’s woe I made myself sit and plug away until it was fully there. The plot changed a little more but I’m really pleased with the final outcome. I’ve called it The Dragonfly’s Diamonds. That may change but for the moment it works.

I’m now having to hold myself back and let it lie for a day or two so I can look at it with fresh eyes and see what needs doing. I know there’s a heap of detail and description that needs to be added, which is fine, but I need to be sure there aren’t any plot holes or mistakes that could make it all crumble. It’s already sitting around the 7500 word mark which I’m also extremely chuffed about, but it does mean that anything I add needs real consideration, I don’t need to beef this up in any way.

I certainly want it up to a fairly high standard before I send it out to my readers for their opinions. I want to make sure there’s little to no work that needs doing to it when I get it back.I hardly want to be completing an entire rewrite simply because I missed some vital part.

I cannot stress enough how good it feels to know in the very least that it’s there!

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New Project, New Problems

Yes I am alive and am actually writing, crazy as that may seem. Regardless of whether anyone actually reads this anymore I feel compelled to write this down.

I’m involved in another anthology project with a fantastic online friend which for me means purpose and a goal to reach for. Writing because I have to is almost a better situation for me than writing because I want to. I love to write, don’t get me wrong, but having a purpose for it makes the ordeal that much sweeter.

So yeah, the writing. I’ve got my story nutted out and it’s had a read through and edit by a very patient and extremely helpful friend. But alas, in spite of the fact that she gave wonderful advice and I was well on the way to having the thing sorted, I’ve come up against a bit of a road block. Note I didn’t say writer’s block.

I’ve reconsidered my ending and though that might not seem so bad, for this particular story it means an entire rewrite. Since the story is due in April my time is dwindling and the new ending is becoming a far more intricate plot that demands details, clues, promises as well as keeping to the original theme.

I have several readers who I’ve asked to read over once the thing is written but it just means further delays as I tackle this new headwind. I could easily revert back to the old ending but I know I would never be satisfied and would really hate my contribution once it was published.

So, I’ll endeavour to pull it apart and see what’s left that’s salvageable, what’s useless and what can be changed to form what I hope will be a much better story.

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Remembering Me

I get easily influenced. If I see an idea or read something I like I tend to be swayed by it and that reflects in my writing. It’s a demon that rears its head every so often and I struggle to deal with it. Last night, however, I managed to beat it into its box. I was really worried my current project was heading in the wrong direction. In fact I was so concerned I started changing it and got to the point where it wasn’t the same story anymore.

It’s probably the fault of lack of planning maybe, but then having reread what I have so far I’m actually quite happy with it. I’m going to keep writing and see how it goes. I think I’ll change the ending as to me it’s still a bit ‘meh’. My MC needs to learn and grow and so far she’s not. I need to make sure she comes out of this ordeal with a lesson learned otherwise she’ll carry on as always and it’s a bit pointless.

Okay, so get on with writing and then some serious editing.

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My Domain

My work on my website is coming together slowly but surely. I’d like to have it up and running by year’s end but that greatly depends on how much of my work I have ready to go.

However, my all important domain name has been secured. I now have a dot com to call my own. It’s cheeky, to the point and surprisingly simple. I would have thought all the easy obvious names were taken – so not the case. In fact it’s been secured for the next three years so I can relax and know that it’s well and truly mine.

I’ve been working on the different pages and finally have a theme and ideas on how I want it to look. I’ve had Corel Draw installed since there’s only so much you can do with paint. I’ve even got a kind of logo or mascot image which I’m very proud of.

The writing is still the biggest priority since I have no site without it. I’m pleased with what I have so far but my major piece is giving me some grief. The plot keeps changing and failing and I’m forever trying to make the MC better, smarter, bolder, stronger. Some planning is well and truly in order.

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So Much To Do

I’m very much a computer novice. When it comes to anything beyond word processing or mapping out a spreadsheet I’m at a complete loss and have often had to rely on others.

In saying that I’m really struggling to understand the inner workings of building a website. I’ve dabbled in it before but when it comes to coding etc I have no idea. I had a go at DreamWeaver which let me play with the page by showing me how it would look – and I assume it was doing the coding in the background.

My site is, in my opinion, complicated. I’ve got images that will be my, erm, areas to click on to get to other pages. I’m not up to that chapter in “Buliding a Website for Dummies” yet. And before I even start worrying about coding I need my images to be spot on. I’m creatively minded, I need things to look good before the function takes hold (which is the complete opposite when furnishing my house).

I have six, zones, as it were, that will enable people to click and gain access to my blog, bio, free stuff and sales etc. Each zone is a picture that I’ve got in my head and am currently in the process of translating into pixels. No mean feat. I’m terrified of botching it up so I’m saving each step as I go. Crazy, I know, but I’ve had too many heart aches of losing stuff I’ve spent hours on only to have to start again. I’m happy to go down the road of paranoia just to know I’m only one step back, not ten.

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Sleep On It

Perhaps I should have taken this advice before I posted the previous entry. No sooner was I awake this morning that I realised I have a lot of work to do and really no time to worry about writer’s block, or imagination block as the case may be. I have several projects on the go which all factor into my epublishing endeavour. Had I taken a moment to fully realise this I wouldn’t have burnt out and wouldn’t have had to worry that the scenarios I’d been dreaming up had dried up.

So not the case. I’ve since realised I have a project waiting that I’ve only just started. It’s a serial novel. One I plan to publish in installments, then offer as a book once finished. People can pay by the chapter or buy the lot once finalised. This will happen with all my novels until the day comes when I can a) write full time b) invent a machine that incorporates more hours in the day for writing.

One thing’s for sure, I’ve never worked so hard in my life. I thought I had two jobs, now I have three – my day job, my night job (this is actually the role of being mother, wife, cook, cleaner, washer woman etc) and my bit on the side, my writing.

If someone doesn’t invent a time machine soon – either to go back or conjure up more – I’ll have to pack in one of the above. Believe me, it won’t be the writing one. ;)

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Writer’s Block of a New Kind

I’ve started a folder of mini fiction. These are short short stories that are no more than five hundred words. I currently have thirteen but am hoping to have twenty by the end of the week. The hard thing is drumming up new ideas. When I’m lucky something will just hit me and the short is written in a flurry of fingers. But I fear the well is drying up and with seven more till target I’m starting to feel burnt out.

I’ve classified it as writer’s block, but it’s more ideas block. It’s usually cured by me writing the first thing that pops into my head but it’s not a good sign when the same thing repeats itself. It’s not what I’d call a major drama since I know I’ll more than likely achieve it, but as I’m in the here and now and nothing’s tapping me on the shoulder I guess I’m seeing the danger.

There’s a lot of work to do. My pursuit of epublishing has expanded to not just Kindle but contemplating my own website. I’ve got some serious ideas that will take a great deal of IT know how to get established. I have DreamWeaver for Dummies which I’ve toyed with before but what I’m planning goes to the extent of animation. I know there are a few programmes online to do this but I think I’ll be researching that too.

So in spite of my apparent writer’s block things are certainly picking up in other fields. I know the ideas will come, perhaps a cup of coffee will kick the imagination into gear. :)

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There HAS to be a Light

Let me apologise in advance for the whining that is about to occur in this post.

I don’t know why I do it, why I continuously put myself through the wringer when I know that in spite of the fact that it generally gives me a shove to get moving, I still get this niggling pain in the pit of my stomach. I’m talking about reading about the success of other authors. It’s so unfair.

I’m on the outside looking in. They’re all cosy by the fire of publishing while we (well, I’m not the only one) shiver out in the cold of hope that someday one of the people who own the house (get it? House as in publishing house? Ok, I’ll refrain from writing comedy) will let us in. I know I’m on the right path with my epublishing. I’m not going to change that. What I want is the life they lead, where they can get up at 8:30am and write all day and dream of new ideas and know that even though their livelihood is dependant on their imaginations they know it’s still relatively secure.

The tunnel is so long and so dark, but even so I know I have to believe that there is light at the end of it – even if I can’t see it yet. It has to be there, surely.

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It’s Oh So Simple

I had thought the idea of posting ebooks on the internet to be a long and drawn out process that would take months. How very wrong I was, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I’m only just researching my options for ebooks and it turns out that it’s a lot simpler than what I’d originally thought. My work is my own, I’m the editor and ultimately I’m the publisher. All I need is a ‘storefront’ to put my book on the shelf.

I’m looking at Amazon Kindle since that’s what I use to read. I can post a short story or a tome that could rival War and Peace. I set the price I want and I decide how long it stays there, what could be simpler? I understand there are issues with marketing perhaps. How am I going to tell people it’s there? For the moment I’m not, I’ll let them find their own way to start. See how the fishies bite. I’ve got three short stories to edit and an anthology of twenty short stories to write (I have simple outlines for each). I’ll post up the shorts on their own first and plug away at my anthology stories while they hopefully tick along.

I don’t have any novels planned as yet, I’m still quite comfortable with my short stories. I’ll see how they go then I might venture into a full blown novel. I’m happy to test the waters like this, I don’t need my esteem crushed in one foul swoop. :P

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A Little Nudge

My writing had waned as work mounted and my spare time got swallowed up with all the house chores. It’s been a while since I wrote a short story or edited my next installment but it’s amazing what a little encouragement can do. I got some unexpected feedback and the enthusiasm of the commentor’s words has been enough for me to shake off the frost and reconsider why I suddenly stopped writing.

Time is always a concern but I think with a little forward planning – and a lot less useless television – I’ll be able to dip the quill and start again. I’ve still got a lot of ideas to pursue and a lot of planning before I tackle some of the other shorts I hope to write. For now I’ll get some editing done and fulfill the wish of my hopeful reader by posting another chapter.

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