So Much To Do

I’m very much a computer novice. When it comes to anything beyond word processing or mapping out a spreadsheet I’m at a complete loss and have often had to rely on others.

In saying that I’m really struggling to understand the inner workings of building a website. I’ve dabbled in it before but when it comes to coding etc I have no idea. I had a go at DreamWeaver which let me play with the page by showing me how it would look – and I assume it was doing the coding in the background.

My site is, in my opinion, complicated. I’ve got images that will be my, erm, areas to click on to get to other pages. I’m not up to that chapter in “Buliding a Website for Dummies” yet. And before I even start worrying about coding I need my images to be spot on. I’m creatively minded, I need things to look good before the function takes hold (which is the complete opposite when furnishing my house).

I have six, zones, as it were, that will enable people to click and gain access to my blog, bio, free stuff and sales etc. Each zone is a picture that I’ve got in my head and am currently in the process of translating into pixels. No mean feat. I’m terrified of botching it up so I’m saving each step as I go. Crazy, I know, but I’ve had too many heart aches of losing stuff I’ve spent hours on only to have to start again. I’m happy to go down the road of paranoia just to know I’m only one step back, not ten.

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