New Project, New Problems

Yes I am alive and am actually writing, crazy as that may seem. Regardless of whether anyone actually reads this anymore I feel compelled to write this down.

I’m involved in another anthology project with a fantastic online friend which for me means purpose and a goal to reach for. Writing because I have to is almost a better situation for me than writing because I want to. I love to write, don’t get me wrong, but having a purpose for it makes the ordeal that much sweeter.

So yeah, the writing. I’ve got my story nutted out and it’s had a read through and edit by a very patient and extremely helpful friend. But alas, in spite of the fact that she gave wonderful advice and I was well on the way to having the thing sorted, I’ve come up against a bit of a road block. Note I didn’t say writer’s block.

I’ve reconsidered my ending and though that might not seem so bad, for this particular story it means an entire rewrite. Since the story is due in April my time is dwindling and the new ending is becoming a far more intricate plot that demands details, clues, promises as well as keeping to the original theme.

I have several readers who I’ve asked to read over once the thing is written but it just means further delays as I tackle this new headwind. I could easily revert back to the old ending but I know I would never be satisfied and would really hate my contribution once it was published.

So, I’ll endeavour to pull it apart and see what’s left that’s salvageable, what’s useless and what can be changed to form what I hope will be a much better story.

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  1. Having a purpose is always a good incentive to get thing done..Good luck with your deadline!

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