First draft finished! I’m so excited and so pleased that it’s finally done. Okay, sure it’s only the first draft – I say first draft but really it’s the fourth version of the first draft – but I’ve got it down from start to finish. What a relief! After yesterday’s woe I made myself sit and plug away until it was fully there. The plot changed a little more but I’m really pleased with the final outcome. I’ve called it The Dragonfly’s Diamonds. That may change but for the moment it works.

I’m now having to hold myself back and let it lie for a day or two so I can look at it with fresh eyes and see what needs doing. I know there’s a heap of detail and description that needs to be added, which is fine, but I need to be sure there aren’t any plot holes or mistakes that could make it all crumble. It’s already sitting around the 7500 word mark which I’m also extremely chuffed about, but it does mean that anything I add needs real consideration, I don’t need to beef this up in any way.

I certainly want it up to a fairly high standard before I send it out to my readers for their opinions. I want to make sure there’s little to no work that needs doing to it when I get it back.I hardly want to be completing an entire rewrite simply because I missed some vital part.

I cannot stress enough how good it feels to know in the very least that it’s there!

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